As of November 5th, 2014 fresh peppers are no longer in season. A hard freeze on November 1st has ended the harvest season, and fresh peppers cannot be ordered again until next season. We had a great run this year despite getting off to a slow start due to the cool weather this summer.
    There are still lots of great dried peppers and pepper powders available between now and next season. For many uses, dried peppers are superior and we highly suggest you try some.

     While we are still evaluating sales performance for the 2014 season, we do know some varieties will not be back next year:

     The 7 Pot Burgundy, though a really great pepper, will not be returning to our field. Due to its large pod size, the 7 Pot Burgundy peppers tend to split or crack when we have more than an inch of rain over the course of a week. This caused us to have to throw away over half of the pods we grew this year.
      The Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion had a very low production compared to other varieties and is currently on our naughty list. We may give this one another chance depending on some other factors.

      The Carolina Reaper, by far, had the worst production of any pepper we have ever grown, of course, it was also in the highest demand. It will be back next year, but we aren't happy about it, especially given that it was marketed to us as a "super-prolific" variety. This hybrid pepper is also not stable from our experience and no two plants produced the same shaped pods.

      We will have room for some new varieties next season, so if you have any suggestions on peppers you would like to see on our website, please leave us a comment! Thank you for another great fresh pepper season!

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