Fresh Pepper Season Has Begun!

Dear customer,

      The fresh pepper season is finally here! Though we are not harvesting huge numbers of peppers just yet, we do have some peppers available this week. We expect to have a much larger harvest next week. Some of the varieties are much more delayed than we would like, but we must be patience and let nature take its course. If you are looking for a specific variety, feel free to contact us for an estimated harvest date. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

      There will be no changes to our waiting list policy this year. All products will continue to be sold on a first come first served basis. We will not be reserving peppers for customers, so if you are waiting for a particular variety, you must not delay when you see them available on the website. We update our inventory a few times a week during the season, so check back often. We have changed our shipping policy for shipping fresh peppers to Alaska. We will now allow orders with shipping addresses in Alaska, but these will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If your address is in Alaska, please contact us before completing your order so we can be sure your order arrives in perfect condition.

      Our sixth fresh pepper season will bring many of your favorite varieties as well as some new ones. Our focus this year will be on producing larger quantities of our best selling varieties so that we can fill more of the demand for them. We still anticipate larger demand than supply, but we are diligently working on expanding our operation to meet the needs of our customers. Some varieties that we have grown in the past will not be offered this year in order to make room for the new varieties and to expand the production of others. Check out what we are growing this year below:

Main Crop

7 Pot Bubblegum
7 Pot Primo
7 Pot Primo Yellow
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
Bhut Jolokia Peach
Bhut Jolokia Red
Bhut Jolokia Yellow
Carolina Reaper
Fatalii Jigsaw
Fatalii Red
Fatalii Yellow
Habanero Chocolate
MOA Scotch Bonnet
Trinidad Scorpion (Butch T)
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga
Trinidad Scorpion Yellow

Test Crop

7 Pot Burgundy X Prik Ki Nu (F3)
7 Pot Primo Chocolate
Apocalypse Scorpion
Bhaji Hot
MA Wartyx
Numex Suave Orange
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga X Bell Pepper (F3)

     We really look forward to hearing from all of our fresh pepper customers very soon. Nothing pleases us more than delivering the very best quality peppers to your doors. In the meantime, make sure to check out our dried peppers, pepper powders and pepper mashes to keep your spicy cravings at bay until the Summer.

     Thanks to all of our customers for the years of support.

Brian Holmes - Owner
The Ghost Pepper Store


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