Big Announcement!

Dear customer,

     First, we have big news for the 2017 season. As many of you know, we ran out of space for expansion a few years ago and although we have been operating at maximum capacity, we have not been keeping up with demand, especially with larger order sizes. This week we completed the purchase of a new farm with 20 times the space we had before! This means next year we will be growing more varieties and larger numbers of plants.

     We are still in the planning stages for next year's grow and, as always, we want to hear from our customers. If you have a requirement for a pepper variety we did not grow this year or if you need 100lb order of a specific variety for your hot sauce operation please reach out to us and let us know. We have to finalize the grow list for 2017 by January 1st so the sooner we know about our customers needs the better we will be able to fulfill your requests. We are not planning for contract growing next year, but it may be an option. Discussions about how to structure the contracts are ongoing, so if you have thoughts on it, again, please let us know. We are open to suggestions and criticism. There will be lots more news about our expansion coming soon.

     Thanks to all of our customers for the years of support, we could have never done this without you! We look forward to a whole new chapter in the history of the Ghost Pepper Store and we promise to continue the same level of quality and customer service that you all have come to expect from us on a larger scale.

Brian Holmes - Owner
The Ghost Pepper Store


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Date 10/9/2016

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Date 11/25/2016

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Date 3/9/2017

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