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The idea for the Ghost Pepper Store was conceived in 2009 after an exhaustive search for high quality, domestically grown, fresh ghost peppers turned up completely fruitless. In 2009, only imported, dried ghost peppers were available in the US and even these products were of a poor quality. In December 2009, we started growing our first ghost pepper plants with seeds sourced from the New Mexico Chile Institute. In the summer of 2010, we launched the first iteration of our website and became the first company in the United States to offer fresh ghost peppers to the general public.


During the first two years in operation, we only offered one variety, the red ghost pepper (bhut jolokia). Through much trial and error during our early years, we have developed the industry's best practices for growing, shipping and customer service. After creating a stable and satisfied customer base, we began offering more varieties of ghost pepper. Now, we grow more than twenty varieties each year, while constantly trying to stay up to date with the newest and hottest pepper varieties.


While competitors are popping up each year, we intend to leverage our advantages in being "the first" and continue innovating on the gold standard of the "Super Hot" pepper industry. We will continue to increase the number of varieties we can offer, and independently test pepper varieties to determine for ourselves which peppers are the hottest despite the industry hype. As a veteran owned and operated company, honesty and integrity are our #1 priority.

The Ghost Pepper Store

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