Hello everyone,

   We have decided to make some changes to the way fresh pepper inventory is displayed on the site. The nature of our business makes it difficult to find a balance between giving customers ample opportunity to place an order and preventing items from being over sold, which causes delays in shipping. Because we cannot predict, with 100% accuracy, the harvest before picking and weighing, we have never allowed customers to pre-order items.

   Since we only ship fresh peppers on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, until now we have always removed our fresh pepper inventory from the website on Wednesday mornings. After harvesting, we update the inventory on Friday and replace the items on the website so that ordering can resume for orders to ship the next week. This has always meant that for two days each week, customers visiting the site were not able to place orders for fresh peppers. We realize that this is not ideal for our customers or our business.

   We have now made some changes and will allow certain fresh pepper items to be ordered on any day of the week. Starting now, the mixed bags of peppers will always be available to purchase. These items will still only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The mixed bags are easier to predict since although it may be difficult to estimate our harvest size for a particular variety a week in advance, we are able to estimate a total harvest size and make these mixed bags available.

   We will be testing this process over the next few weeks and evaluate our customer response to the changes.

Thank you,
The Ghost Pepper Store

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