Hello everyone,

     Live plant pre-orders have been halted as of March 1st, 2018. Due to a much colder than normal January and February we have had a challenging start to our growing season. Until we see an improvement in plant growth we will be suspending the live plant ordering. All existing orders for plants, placed before March 1st will still shipped as planned during the shipping windows described below. If plants do not reach an acceptable size before those dates we will reevaluate the situation and discount/refund existing orders as appropriate. We expect to begin accepting live plant orders again on May 1st possibly at a discount if plants remain behind schedule.

        Our new shipping solution is an innovative new packaging from Europe. These blister packs will ensure that both root mass and foliage are well secured. They will also provide for some light exposure and air exchange to take place during shipping which should eliminate any dead plants under normal shipping conditions. Lastly, plants will be well watered before packaging and humidity inside the packaging will be retained instead of absorbed by the standard shipping boxes we used last year. The new shipping containers hold 5 plants each, so we appreciate orders in multiples of 5. Below is an example of how plants will be packaged.


      Currently our estimated shipping dates for live plants in zones 8-10 will begin shipping April 9th. Zones 5-7 will begin shipping April 23, and zones 3-4 will begin shipping May 7th. If you do not know your USDA growing zone, visit the USDA zone map here. Live pepper plants cannot be shipped outside of the United States, no exceptions. Live pepper plants cannot be shipped to California, Hawaii, or Alaska. All pepper plants ship via USPS Priority Mail.

     You can email any questions about our live plant sales to [email protected]


johnny walden

Date 2/1/2018

would like to order some

Mark Thompson

Date 2/1/2018

can we get them any sooner

Ronald Rodi

Date 2/4/2018


Date 2/4/2018


Date 2/4/2018

I want to order

Curtis Mellen

Date 4/2/2018

I want to order some.

Curtis L. Mellen

Date 4/5/2018

Are you going to sell plants this year???????????

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