Pepper Mash

Hello everyone,

    We are considering adding super hot pepper mashes to our inventory. The mashes available to us currently are:

Scotch Bonnet
Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia)
Carolina Reaper

    We want to determine customer interest before committing to a new type of product to us. Mashes would be available in 9oz jars, or possibly other sizes and packaging. Leave a comment below or contact us at [email protected] with your interest and preferred sizing (retail or bulk) and we will make a final decision soon.


ann joseph

Date 2/7/2015

I might be interested in a ghost pepper mash . Could you please tell me more about it.

Richard McCann

Date 2/23/2015

I would like to buy some plants


Date 3/8/2015

I am totally interested in Carolina Reaper mash. Bring it on!


Date 3/9/2015

Im interested in Carolina Reaper Mash, I need to buy at least 4 jars at 9oz each.

Tony Corbitt

Date 3/26/2015

I would love to have some Carolina Reaper mash. I make about 64 ozs. of hot sauce/week. LOVE your products BTW!

Han Soo, Yoon/Advisor

Date 4/5/2015

Dear sir! I'd like to receive your proforma invoice of one Lb of "Fine Ghost Pepper Powder,Bhut Jolokia " which particle size is 325 mesh at least。Some years ago I had bout your ghost pepper and some candy which contain ghost pepper also when I was in Durachemie Co., Ltd。 Please let me know this item。 I am looking forward your kind help asap。 Sincerely, Han Soo, Yoon Advisor JIN KWANG CO., LTD Songjeong-dong 7, Noksansandan 262-Ro, 13 Beon-Gil, Gangseo-Gu, Busan, Korea Tel : 82-51-831-0690 Fax: 82-51-831-0693 Zip Code : 618-270


Date 4/25/2015

I think it would be awesome if you would offer pepper mashes of any & all kinds


Date 4/26/2015

Let me know when available...I am interested of course level of interest is depending on price.

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