Hello customers,

     Due to many complaints about customers being unable to purchase certain varieties or sizes of fresh peppers, we are going to test a waiting list option for about two weeks. Many of our fresh peppers are selling out minutes after updating our inventory each week. We are looking into several solutions that would continue to keep the purchasing process fair and give more customers the opportunity to buy those peppers that are in high demand. It is possible that this solution will make things better, but also possible it will make it even more difficult, but we need your feedback to help determine.

     The waiting lists are for individual products. If you find a fresh pepper product that is "out of stock", there will be a button next to the product photo that will read "Add me to the waiting list". Clicking this button will bring up a window where you can submit your name, phone number and email address. We DO NOT require a valid phone number and we are not going to be calling customers. Adding your contact information adds you to the waiting list for that specific product and size, if the same variety becomes available in a different size, you will not be notified unless you sign up for the waiting list for both sizes. Once that specific product becomes available, you will receive an email letting you know it is back in stock. As long as waiting lists do not grow too large, this should help alleviate some of the issues with ordering.

      The waiting list DOES NOT reserve your order or guarantee you will be able to purchase the product. Purchases will still be on a first come first served basis. Everyone on the waiting list will receive an email at the same time, so if you are unable to visit our website right away, then the product may sell out before you get the opportunity.

     There is also the possibility that this change may cause more problems with items selling out while customers are in the process of ordering.  Our inventory system does not remove an item from the inventory until the purchase is completed. This means that if the first person to visit the website after a "back in stock" notification is sent out places all of the stock into their shopping cart, the next visitor may see the product as "in stock" and begin the checkout process. The customer that completes the checkout process first will receive the product. After the product is removed from inventory, the next customer may have to change the quantity they wish to purchase or may receive an error stating the item is sold out.

     We are looking into other ways to help get these high demand peppers to more customers. Please sign up for the waiting list and help us evaluate this solution before we decide the next step. There is more big news on the way that will hopefully solve our supply issues on a more permanent basis.

Thank you,
The Ghost Pepper Store

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